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Welcome to Code Black Solutions!

Welcome to Code Black Solutions!.

We are a Small Group of Highly Experienced Software Engineers and Developers with Background in Very Diverse Fields which can provide you with a Solution for Everything Digital-Related, anytime.

From App and Web Development, to Logo Design, passing through SEO, ASO, Marketing, Content Writing, or Digital Services in general, we can always provide you with ‘The Solution’.

Tailored to Your Requirements, we will not just provide a ‘Market-Standard Solution’, but a Special, Unique, Specially Devised, Carefully Crafted, ‘Code Black Solution’ for you.

We are always here, 24/7, 365, 60/60, 190%; Here; to Provide You with ‘The Solution’.

The ‘Code Black Solution’.

Who We Are

We are a Group of Detail-Oriented Software Engineers,Developers and Designers who are US based.

We have 10+ Years of Experience in The Digital Systems Development & Design Industry, and we have developed Excellent Top Notch Looking Websites & Apps.

Specially focused in Web Design & App Development, today, we provide Digital Solutions to The Entire World.

We have, during 2020, decided to found a Company in which we could provide to whomever would want it, Top Class Digital Services in general.

Specially focused in Web Design & App Development, today, we provide Digital Solutions to The Entire World, at Low Cost Argentinian Prices, what gives us an Edge in The International Market, and what Allows Our Clients to pay Less than what they would pay hiring Any Other App Development or Web Design Company.

As said, we focus in Making Our Products and Our Services, Top of Their Class, and in providing The Best Attention a Digital Solutions Company could provide.

Today, we try to accomplish to grow Our Company into making it a Great Company in which The Great Minds of Today’s World could exploit Their Potential, diversifying Our Services, Missions, and Goals, providing with New World Solutions, for New & Old World Problems.

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Female boss supervising work meeting
Female boss supervising work meeting

How We Work

In Today’s World, providing with a Service is not just enough.

We are aware that Clients come to us to Develop a Business, a Company, a Personal Mission, or an Entrepreneurship, and what’s more, they come to us to Achieve Great Goals.

That’s why we do not just provide with ‘Market-Standard’ Solutions.

From the first moment, we are really expeditious to really understand Not What Our Clients Want to Do, but what They Want to Accomplish with It.

Understood that, we initiate a Long Instance in which we devise The Best and Top Quality Solution for What His/Her Goals are.

Said that, we will not just work for developing what you want to do, as Any Other Agency or Company usually do, but we will work to Improve The Product Idea you bring to us, to Take It To Another Level, and finally present you with A Solution, a Product, and a Service, that will not just be The App, Web, or Digital Service you wanted, but The One that will make you thrive of Joy, Elevate Your Spirit, and Make Your Business succeed 100%.

We guarantee you This is The Class of Service you will receive from us.

What You Get

In Code Black Solutions, we strive to provide The Best Service you could get, anywhere.
And we strive to provide it at The Lowest Cost Possible.

When you hire us, you are not paying just for an App or Web Development, but you are paying For An Experience, The ‘Code Black’ Experience.

This Experience involves many things, that we are not able to represent in a couple of short lines of text.

But we can tell you, in more than short, that if you decide to do a Web or an App with us, you will get:

• What You Were Originally Looking For.
• More Than What You Were Originally Looking For.
• Quite Some Fun.
• A Learning Experience into The Digital World.
• A Great Interpersonal Relationship with Our Team.
• A Great Product to be proud of having paid for it.
• And a Deep ‘Code Black’ Experience that will be The Start of The Accomplishment of Your Current and Future Life Goals.

In Code Black Solutions, you do not pay for an App or Web developed.

In Code Black Solutions, you pay for The Accomplishments of Your Life, to Come True.



We Provide Top Notch App & Web Design, with a Modern Trend, and a Spark of Elegance!.


We Make Your Product Stand Out, and We Make It Sell For Itself!.


We Offer Top Quality App & Web Development, from Scratch, to Delivery!.


We Provide 24/7 Support, even on Christmas and on The Groundhog Day!.

Our services

App & Web Development

We offer Completely Customized Solutions for Any Project you would have, from Android and/or iOS App Development, to Web Development, including Any Programming Language you would require.

App & Web Design

We offer a Range of Solutions in regards to Design that go from Designing Dozens of Styles for An App or A Web for The Owner to receive a Design of His/Her Best Liking, to Redesign Completely The UI/UX of A Web or An App.

SEO Services

We offer a Wide Range of SEO Services that include providing On-Page SEO (Technical SEO), and Off-Page SEO (Different Backlinks’ Profiles), for Any Type and Size of Web Project.

ASO Services

We provide ASO Services both for iOS and Android Apps, that include making A Professional Keyword Research, counter waging Several Factors, like Keyword Popularity, Keyword Competition, and Keyword Difficulty.

Content Writing Services

If you want to do a Website or an App, and you do not know what content to write on them, or do not want to write it yourself, we provide Content Writing Services of All Kinds, Classes, and Sizes, for Any Type of Web or App.

Logo Design Services

Rather if you want to do a Web or an App, and Need a Logo for them, or if you want to Have a New Logo Designed for Your Current Business or Company, we provide One to Five Hundred Designs for The Same Logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Need A Web and/or An App, What Can You Offer Me?.

What we can offer to you is no other thing than The Best Possible Service You Will Get Anywhere, at The Best Price.
We provide Top Notch Quality Services, not just ‘Average Quality’ Services.
We Make Your Project Personal, and we treat it as if Our Success would depend On Yours; We make sure to take it to its Highest Level of Realization.
We work with no more than 5 or 6 Projects at the same time, so you can get Constant and Thorough Attention towards Your Project; You will not just be a number to us.
We even improve further The Ideas you bring us in regards to Your Project, and we end up providing A Product Times Better than what you originally devised, most of the times.
We also provide Free Consultation & Free Quotation, and We Work 18 Hours a Day, Every Day, covering Any Possible Timezone in The Whole World, and being always available to talk with you!.
If you want The Development of Your Project to be an Exciting Experience, instead of a Boring & Dull Traditional Etiquette Protocol, then, working with Us would be an Excellent Choice!.

Do You Provide Free Consultation & Quotation?.

We provide Free Consultation and Quotation.
The Latter, in a Matter of Hours, and in The Form of a Formal PDF Proposal for you.
And about The Former, we provide Free Consultation of Unlimited Hours, if we have The Time to do so, which we usually have.

Can I Pay The Total Cost of The Project in Different Stages?.

Specially if The Project is Medium-Sized, or even Large, we can divide The Payment of Total Cost of The Project in Smaller Less Costly Multiple Payments.

Can You Develop Any Type of Web and/or App?.

Yes, We Develop All Types & Kinds of Apps & Webs.
We also Redesign Websites & Apps.
And we can do it in Almost Any Programming Language you would need, and for Any Platform you would be requiring The Job Done: iOS, Android, WordPress, Shopify, or whichever.

What Makes You Special in respect to Other Companies?.

The Top Four Differences you are going to find in respect to Other Web & App Development Companies or Agencies, are:

• Usually, there are Top Notch Quality Companies and Agencies, that Cost Top Notch Quality Budgets, and there are ‘Average Quality’ Companies and Agencies, that Cost ‘Average Quality’ Budgets.

We Provide Top Notch Quality Services at Really Low ‘Average Quality’ Prices, in Comparison with Most of The Companies you could find Anywhere, in Any Country.

• You will also note that working with us is Very Pleasant and Fun, and Not ‘Protocolar’ and ‘Dull’ at all, as we follow Our Own Standards of Client Attention: We will not treat you just as ‘One More Client’, but as an Individual who wants to see His/Her Dreams come true, when developing a Business or a Personal Web or App with us, and we will do everything at Our Reach for you to accomplish that.

• The Final and Last Main Difference you will note while working with us is that in respect to Any Other Agency or Company, we work, and we really work, 24/7, and even on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, so you can expect Us To ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU AND YOUR PROJECT.

We Spare No Time in providing Attention to Our Clients, at all.

So, summed it up, if you want to Make a Web or an App with Really Great Quality, at Low Cost, with Great Attention, and with 24/7 Availability, we are A Really Great Choice for You!.

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