Web Development

Web Development

Get The Best Web Development Possible at a Very Affordable Price!. Check in This Page Everything Our Packages include!.

Top Quality Design!

Enjoy a Really Attractive and Upmarket Design which will attract your Customers!. We will give you The Best of The Possible Design Quality using The Most Modern Web Designing Standards!.


All of Our Websites are developed using WordPress.
WordPress is a Platform of Web Development used by Millions of Websites of Every Magnitude which provides a space for Dozens of Thousands of Users to Add to Such Platform Their Own ‘Development Kits’, called ‘Plugins’, making The Platform Much More Richer in regards to Development Possibilities.

Edit Your Website Easily Using Elementor!

All of Our Websites include The WordPress ‘Elementor’ Plugin. This allows The Developer, but specially Our Clients, to Easily edit The Website as if it would be a Wix Website: Dragging and Dropping Elements, deleting them, or modifying and customizing them easily with just a Couple of Clicks.

100% Responsive Designs!

All of Our Designs are 100% Responsive with (‘Adapted to’) Desktop Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets.
This means that The Developed Website and Its Pages will adapt The Spacial Disposition and Proportions of Every Element inside them, making The Website look good in All Devices.

Google Analytics!

All of Our Websites include The ‘Google Analytics’ Plugin.
This Plugin allows you to

  • See All The Visitors you have Every Day and track Their Metrics over Different Periods of Time.
  • See How Much You Have Earned from Your Website  Any Average Day.
  • See how you are performing in regards to ‘Search Engine Optimization’.
  • And many things more.

Excellent SEO!

‘SEO’ means ‘Search Engine Optimization’, and basically, it consists on preparing and optimizing your Website for it to Appear on The Most Primary Results of Search Engines like Google. For this, endless different types of “techniques” are used. And we use All of Them.

5 Free Plugins Installed for Free in Every Package!

All of Our Web Development Packages include 5 Free Plugins to install in Your Website. Examples of Such Plugins could be: Live Chat with Visitors, Website Backups, SEO Plugins, Social Networks Plugins, Visitor Metrics Plugins, and an Endless List of Possible Plugins.

Unlimited Revisions!

All of Our Website Development Packages include Revisions until you are 100% Satisfied with Your Entire Website. You can ask for whatever changes you would want starting from The First Beta Version of Your Website (Not Definitive). Once you are satisfied The Process will be complete and we will deliver you Your Website, Key in Hand!.


Small Website

$ 990

Medium-Sized Website

$ 1990

Big Website

$ 2990

Online Shop

$ 3990