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Welcome to Code Black Solutions!.

Welcome to Code Black Solutions!.

We are a Small Group of Highly Experienced Engineers and ‘Intelligence Agents’ with Background in Very Diverse Fields which can provide you with a Solution for Everything Digital-Related, anytime.

From App and Web Development to Logo Design, passing through SEO, Marketing, or Digital Services in general, we can always provide you with ‘The Solution’.

Tailored to Your Requirements, we will not just provide a ‘Market-Standard Solution’, but a Special, Unique, Specially Designed, Carefully Curated, ‘Code Black Solution’: A Solution provided as if you would have requested it to ‘The Elite Special Squad’ of Your Block.
… Or a little better.

A Solution that will:
• Meet All Your Requirements.

A Solution that will:
• Exceed All Your Expectations.

And A Solution that will:
• Well, that’s all…

We are always here, 24/7, 365, 60/60, 190%; Here; to Provide You with ‘The Solution’.

The ‘Code Black Solution’.

Who We Are.

We are a Group of Ex Intelligence Independent Agents, born, raised, based and bad educated in Argentina.

During our previous years, we have gathered experience in The Most Varied and Diverse Fields, including Everything Software-Related.

We have experience in The Politics, Economics, History, Business, Software, Engineering, Intelligence, Espionage, Psychology, Lingüism, Music, Marketing, and Physics Fields, to name The Most General.

Due to this, you can expect Your Projects to Have a Very Integral and Neat ‘Special Management’.

We are completely; 100%; a Total Client-Results-Oriented-and-Driven Company.


Not just because we want to see succeed The People that help us by hiring us, and because we get a Good Reputation from it.

We like to Do Things Elite, Top-Notch, Top-Quality and Out-of-Standards, as if they were Our Own Products.

We get Satisfaction from doing so, as it is our own kind of Philanthropy, and we really enjoy it!.

Laughing designers working inside of an office meeting pod
Female boss supervising work meeting
Female boss supervising work meeting

How We Work.

We work with Very High Standards.

We make sure you are 100% Satisfied with Your Product.
This is our First Condition.

We offer You The Best that we have, and we do not spare nothing.

We meticulously listen to every little, minimal, and negligible tiny little detail you want Your Project to possess, and we get it done.

We dedicate Our Lives to Our Work, so you can expect us to assist you even on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, pretty much 24/7.

And finally, we just Love Working, so we will be always present to communicate with you during The Entire Project, and will spare no time at all in doing so!.

What You Get.

You Get a Product specifically designed with The Highest Standards by ‘a Special Tactics Team’.

You will feel like John Wick, Ethan Hunt, James Bond, The Men in Black, and Chuck Norris got together to Specially Design and Retrieve Your Product from The Deepest of a 50-Floors-Deep-Down Underground Facility.

We come from a Top-Notch Intelligence Services Background, and you will get Your Product as if so.

You will get a Product So Good and So Well Done you will feel like cleaning Your Smartphone Screen for The First Time.

If you like that, Let’s Work Together!.

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App Development

iOS & Android Compatibility

We build apps for both iOS and Android to ensure that your app gets the attention it deserves, no matter what device your customers have.

Custom Designs

All our app designs are customized to order, and will be made to suit you and your business.

Convert a Web to an App

We can also make web apps! This is where we take your existing website and convert it into a fully functioning app. A great way to start up an app if you already have a web.

100% Customized to order

Your new website is custom built especially for you. We don’t use templates or themes, everything we build is from scratch. Thus, you can rely on us for a quality website.

Constant Communication

Communication is important in every scenario. That is why we take pride in ensuring you are updated on every development of your new site, making sure you are kept in the loop.

Unlimited Revisions

We want you to be 100% satisfied, hence why we offer unlimited revisions. If you want something changed, just reach out any time!

Web Development

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Recent Work Examples

Our Clients Love Us

We build valuable & meaningful experiences.

Let's Work Together