App Development

App Development

Get the best Android and iOS App Development possible at a very affordable price. Check out the amazing packages we have in store for your business.

Android and iOS

We work with both Android and iOS App development. You can choose to have your App on just one platform or choose to make It for both of them and get a considerable discount. Regardless of your preference, we guarantee a top-notch quality App for your business.

Any Type of App!

We work both with Android and iOS app developments. You can choose to do your app just for one platform or choose to make it for both of them and get a considerable discount. Settle for any or both of the options and we will guarantee you a great quality and fully-functioning app.

Complete App

We will develop your App from 0% to 110%. You provide us with your must-haves, we agree on them, and we make the app with the best possible standards.

The general process of App development involves lots of smaller subprocesses. With Code Black Solutions, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy your time, and in a couple of weeks we will deliver an appealing and perfectly functioning App.

Top Quality Design

Our team of graphic designers will get their hands to work and will make sure the graphic interface of your app looks awesome! They will design an interface specifically for your app, using several graphic design applications and technical tools to get you the best output. We will take care of every little detail and present it to you for revisions, and we can modify the app as much as you want.

High Class Functionality

In our app development packages, we can include any type of feature that you want. Examples of them are social platforms, email sign-ups and sign-ins, user dashboards, activity feeds, file uploads, user profiles, ratings and reviews, social comments and sharing, audio and video processing, in-app searches, scheduling pages, geolocation, bookings, messaging, audio and video conferencing, payment processing, shopping cart, subscriptions plans, in-app purchases, product management, admin pages, analytics, multilingual support, and much more. Tell us what you need and we will deliver it to you.

Excellent ASO

All of our app development packages include a professional App Store Optimization (ASO) service. ASO means ranking your app as highest as possible in the search results of the app stores. It involves balancing your app’s keywords to rank high in search results pages while considering competition from other apps. Our expert team can provide top-notch ASO services tailored to your app’s needs.

Unlimited Revisions

All of our app development packages include revisions until you are 100% satisfied with your entire app.

You can ask for whatever changes you would want starting from the first beta version of your app (the first and not definitive one) to the final version. Once you are satisfied, the process will be complete and we will deliver you your app key in hand.

Full Source Code!

Once the whole process is finished and you are 100% satisfied with your app, we will deliver you with all the relevant documentation, including your app, and its full source code. You will be able to keep working on its new features, with us, or with other agencies, if you would like so.


iOS App

$ 9990

Android App

$ 9990

Android & iOS App

$ 9990